Review :

Notes to Self:

-My three-year-old had a rotting molar and within three weeks of extremely limiting (as in, once a week) any intake of sugar, grains, potatoes, or nuts, his molar has hardened. So though it is not pretty, he no longer needs a filling. So.... even though this isn't the most well-written or well-organized or well-communicated book of all time, I am giving it 5 stars for saving my son from needless medical intervention.

-I have been taking green pastures fermented cod liver oil plus high vitamin butter oil for years, but I have the dose wrong. I have been taking 2 capsules as it says on the bottle. To prevent cavities and heal the body you must take 7-10!!! I need to confirm this with WAPF.

-Obtaining oats that have not been destroyed is impossible, don't eat oats.

-A bone broth soup should be eaten every day or every other day.

-If you are going to eat sugar, including fruit, eat it with a fat (e.g. apples and cheese, berries and cream).

-This book is the WAPF diet but errs on the side of Primal over WAPF. As in, eat WAPF, but if you are not healthy enough or your teeth are struggling, go Primal. And if you can't handle Primal, at least go GAPS. Super interesting.

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