Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasures

Review :

I am new to crystals and crystal healing, This book was quite an interesting read for someone who has no real knowledge of how it

There is information on the flow of energy through our chakras and how it is essential to our fundamental well-being and our ability to experience our lives fully. This book shows you ways to release and harmonize energy and how each crystal has its own unique qualities that are suited to specific kinds of issues our bodies may have and when used properly, there is the right information on how crystals can have a powerful and positive effect on our lives.

This book features:
A clear introduction to the body's chakra system
Guidance for determining if a chakra is blocked
Essential information on crystals and how they work
Specific techniques and practices for using crystals to embrace self-love and achieve greater intimacy and pleasure
A comprehensive chart linking crystals to their chakras; zodiac elements; color energies; and physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits
An annotated reading list of books, blogs, and websites to support you as you continue on the path of crystal healing

As a newbie to crystals, this book did give me a lot of information on how and when to use crystals.
I am looking forward to having the opportunity to give the methods a try in the future, with the guidance of this book. Definitely a great resource.

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