Cross-Train Your Brain A Men

Review :

This is an excellent self discovery book. It encourages the reader to become a Renaissance(well rounded) type get out and experience life by doing things that would not come across as useful. The book recommends to fill the gaps in which the normal structured learning system like school has missed. I now feel the itch to learn a couple of new topics I would have never wanted to study in school. A major theme of the book is to practice kaizen. This I find is doable, because I create how and how much I want to learn and practice a topic/hobby. I feel no pressure to pass a test or know everything like in school.

The author refers to a lot of other readings and drops a lot of quotes, but I think that a good thing. I now have a lot of recommended books to go read and explore myself. The exercises at the end of the chapters don't take up too much time and it is there to help get the ball rolling to discover your own path. There are so many snippets of great info that I can't cover it all in a small review. I strongly recommend this book to anyone especially those who are the curious type, feeling burnt out, or looking to energize your life. I definitely found the drive to become a lifelong learner.

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