Courage for the Unknown Season Navigating What's Next with Confidence and Hope

Review :

Life changes much the way the seasons flow from one to the other. There is a difference though as the calendar seasons begin and end on a set date. We know what is coming next as they are etched in ink.

But not so with the life seasons. They remain unknown, both in time and extent. In her book, Courage for the Unknown Season, Jan Silvious urges us to navigate the changes in life with courage and hope, as every season serves its purpose.

The book is an easy read as Jan shares her practical wisdom on growing older with a graceful and refreshing perspective. She encourages us to embrace each season with the assurance.

No matter the season or circumstance, we know the key to survival and hope is found in God. God's hope is will keep us going when life presents challenges.

We can find courage, hope, and beauty wherever we find ourselves today.

** In exchange for my honest review, Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

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