Coping with Anxiety Ten Simple Ways to Relieve Anxiety, Fear, and Worry, 2nd Edition

Review :

If I could give this one 10 or 15 stars I would. What a great book!

I am currently doing a study of anxiety-related coping mechanisms. This book has some new things that I have not come across elsewhere. Most books suggest that you examine your thoughts and ask yourself "what is the likelihood that this bad thing will happen or that this bad thing is true" This one points out that instead of that you might want to ask "is this thought helpful"

I've been frustrated with asking if a fear is true because it's naive to thing the answer is always no. Some people DO have terminal diseases, some people ARE about to be fired, some people ARE about to lose their home or go bankrupt. It seems to me that coping mechanisms that assume people with anxiety only have baseless fears is disrespectful to the reader.

But asking "is this thought helpful" Is brilliant because even if a thought is true it may not be helpful.

Another thing I like about this book is that it has an adequate number of examples about what you're supposed to do as opposed to just giving examples of the kinds of self talk you need to avoid. Other books I've read recommend that you find a better or more positive thought than the fearful thought you were thinking, but they don't make a lot of suggestions as to what those thoughts might be. This book contains lots of suggested statements to serve as examples of the kinds of statements you could use for general counterpoint arguments against common anxiety thoughts.

In general I would say that this book seems to offer more practical help them many others that I've read during this research project.

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