Coming of Age on Zoloft How Antidepressants Cheered Us Up, Let Us Down, and Changed Who We Are

Review :

I picked up this book in the psychology section of my local bookstore -- unfortunately and unintentionally chasing a portly middle-aged man away from the shelves upon my approach -- and I've spent the past three afternoons blasting through it. This is a really great and significant book. In addition to being a beautifully written, entertaining, and informative read, it's also surprisingly non-polemical and really effectively captures a broad range of experiences with medication through interspersed individual stories and quotes from the dozens of people interviewed for the project. The book is neither preachy nor fluffy but rather manages an artful balance of critical evaluation and respectful phenomenology that challenges readers who may think themselves decided on the matter to hold both sides of this complex and complicated issue. And, in addition to the topic of medication, the book very nicely explores the topic of psychotherapy. In fact, I thought the sections detailing the author's own experience with therapy in grad school were tremendously moving and hinted beautifully at how therapy can work when it's working well.

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