Clifford A. Pickover] The Math Book From Pythago

Review :

Do you like Math Do you like History Do you like Math History

If the answer to any of the above was "no", then this is a book with a serious chance of changing your mind.

This book is essentially a highlight reel of math history. With a quick page-long summary (coupled with some interesting art), the author briefly explains some mathematical development, how it happened, who did it, and occasionally an amusing little side note to the history as well.

The topics covered range from the fairly well known (Pythagorean Theorem, Euclidian Geometry, Invention of the Abacus...) to things that sound made up (Hairy Ball Theorem, for one). Generally explained in a straightforward, easily comprehensible manner, most readers should gain at least a modicum of understanding, aside from perhaps the most obtuse topics in the book.

Highly recommended.

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