City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5) - Cassandra Clare

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By The Angel!

Do I actually need to review Holy Hell! What am I gonna write

"Kill me, little sister. Kill me and you kill Jace, too."

Let's start with the story, as it picks up, where City of fallen Angels left off, the resurrection of Sebastian. As he binds him to Jace, the two became irrecoverably inseparable, what one feels, the other feels the same, the pain, the joy everything. Jace the one Clary loves, and Sebastian the o ne she hates most, and now they are one. The clave wants to summon either of them, but killing Sebastian means, Jace will die, and Clary can't let that happen. When Jace showed up, she follows him, determined to free him from Sebastian's captivity.

As the story progress, Clary discovers Sebastian's true motive behind his suddenly changed and extremely generous behavior, and his plan to bring down entire Clave along with each and every shadowhunter.

"I need Jace," said Sebastian. "But in his heart, he's not like me. But you are."

Previously I hated Sebastian, but In CoLS, I actually felt kind of sorry for him, he was the mere victim of abuse and ruthless torture by the name of training. His entire psychopathic personally was build up on the way he was treated by his father Valentine, unloved and to be ruthless. I say Sebastian is the heart of CoLS. Without him, the whole story would have fallen flat, and Miss Clare did a brilliant job by bringing him back with more vengeance.

"I never cared," he said. "I wanted you anyway. I always wanted you."

Romantic elements were higher than any other books TMI series, also heart break, despair and desire. The book was both my solace and torment, as darkness and light were aligned together, casting the perfect shade. The story gradually gotten faster, page by page and at the ending the action was mesmerizing, as if I was visualizing the whole scene, breathlessly.

It will be very wrong to say CoLS is only focused on Jace, Clary and Sebastian, each and every character played very crucial part, especially Simon. Oh Gosh, I love this guy, he has grown into such understanding and responsible guy, his transformation is notable throughout the entire series. Also the on and off romance between Simon and Izzy took a whole new turn, I really appreciate how Cassandra Clare focused on Isabelle and Simon's relationship as well. As I mentioned earlier that the book has a lot more heart breaking, I referred to Alec and Magnus, such a lovely couple who let their relationship at a stake, which is entirely unacceptable.

The book has many labyrinthine mysteries, and suspense, that is killing the readers to get the next book, which won't be coming out until 2014 However I can't help but bring out the most conflicting topic of debate Brother Zachariah whether Brother Zachariah is Will or Jem.. I bet, if a chance is given to the fans of TMI series, they will fight over this topic for the entire day, without being tired. Here is my little opinion that's completely personal.

His physical appearance is similar to Will with long and slender fingers and dark hair. He was also a shadowhunter before be came one of the silent brothers.
I have a strong feelings of Brother Zachariah being Jem. I think Will married to Tessa and from there all Herondale decedents come from, later Will died in some fight like shadowhunters do. But I think when Jem was dying silent brothers saved him by turning him into one of them cause he is the youngest one among them he can speak using mouth. His silvery hair may be turned back into black after being saved and stopped using demon powder.

Brother Zachariah has no children But Jem has decedents cause we will be seeing Emma Carstairs in The Dark Artifacts or may be Emma came from other Carstairs line, not Jem. Any that's not Will for sure cause Jace is Will's decendent, not any other Herondale's.

"I know about parabatai," said Magnus, an angry, dark undercurrent to his voice. "I've known parabatai so close they were almost the same person; do you know what happens, when one of them dies, to the one that's left -"

Magnus also mentioned he knows what happened when one of the parabati dies. That means in Clockwork Princess one of the boys probably gonna die.

Being a Silent Brother is life, Clary Fray. But if you mean I remember my life before the Brotherhood, I do.
Clary took a deep breath. "Were you ever in love Before the Brotherhood Was there ever anyone you would have died for"
There was a long silence. Then:
Two people, said Brother Zachariah. There are memories that time does not erase, Clarissa. Ask your friend Magnus Bane, if you do not
believe me. Forever does not make loss forgettable, only bearable.

Jem can die for both Tessa and Will, and Will can for Tessa and Jem. So Brother Zachariah is sure one of the boys from ID and who ever it is has no chance on being with Tessa cause silent brothers can not be romantically engaged.

All of the above are just assumptions, Best way to find out by throwing Brother Zachariah in pond full of ducks, if he runs sure he is Will, if he doesn't he is Jem.The Herondales have a bad thing for Ducks

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