Christine Feehan - Shadow Riders 5 - Shadow Flight

Review :

Christine Feehan's Shadow Rider series is an exciting and romantic series centered around the powerful Ferraro family whose unique skills allows them to ride the shadows to bring deadly justice to evildoers.

Shadow Flight is the story of Taviano Ferraro and Nicoletta Gomez and this one has become my favorite shadow book. I didn't know what to expect from this story since Nicoletta's introduction in the first book as a broken, sexually abused teenager rescued by Taviano and his brothers. Taviano felt a connection to the broken young girl and immediately became her protector, along with the rest of his family.

I'm not a fan of the abused heroine trope and didn't think Nicoletta's would ever be completely ready to be in an adult relationship. However, this story didn't just brush over the horrific abuse then "fix" the heroine with the power of love. Nicoletta's healing evolved gradually through years of intense therapy, loving adoptive parents, and unconditional acceptance by the Ferraro family.

Taviano, especially, allowed Nicoletta the time and space to heal while always there to walk alongside her on her journey. Turns out that Taviano also experience childhood trauma of his own; therefore, both characters played a part in healing the other.

I loved that the story was primarily focused on the main characters while providing the backdrop of peril when one of Nicoletta's rapist finds her and is determined to get her back with brute force. But, she is no longer a helpless teenager, alone in the world, at the mercy of brutal men. She's spent years honing her physical and mental strengths and she has the entire Ferraro family waiting in the shadows to dispense justice on those who prey on the defenseless.

The suspense was electrifying as the various Ferraro teams step out from the shadows to take out vicious gang members sent after Nicoletta. The Ferraro's are all about family and keeping their community safe. It was a revelation learning that their gift may also be a source of harm and provided an explanation of why their matriarch, Eloisa, behaves so harshly.

Emmanuelle is still moping over Val but I suspect the Saldi's will make their next move against the Ferraro's soon and it will be interesting to see how Val wins Emme back.

But I'm more excited to read about the other rider family, the Archambaults, especially Elie Archambault, maybe he will be paired with the Ferraro cousin Velia, and start a whole new chapter of shadow riders.

Overall Shadow Flight is story of strength, family, love, and healing. Very well done and very highly recommended.

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