Christine Feehan - Shadow Riders 3 - Shadow Keeper

Review :

Outstanding! Shadow Keeper is the third book in the Shadow Rider series and with each successive book the Ferraro story just gets better, more exciting, and action-packed. This is the story of Giovanni Ferraro and Sasha Provis. Sasha has moved from her family ranch in Wyoming to Chicago in order to find the best care for a loved one. Giovanni and Sasha paths cross, of all places, in one of the Ferraro's nightclub where she is working as a waitress trying to support her brother, Sandlin, who is in a brain trauma rehabilitation center following a car accident that killed their parents.

Sasha's love and devotion to her beloved brother speaks volumes of her character and as one born with 'shadow blood,' she fits Giovanni completely. But there is more to Sasha's family background that connects her even more to the Ferraros and the shadow riders. I liked Sasha because she is neither an abused or exploited woman; she is self-assured and good to others without ignoring her own basic needs. Giovanni is protective and devoted to his mate and gives her just enough space to be choose him for a lifetime. But along the way, there are enemies who set friends against each other and try to take out Sasha and the Ferraros.

It was awesome spending more time with the Ferraros and seeing the progression of the stories of other characters. The five Ferraro siblings are characters I want to root forStephano, Ricco, Giovanni, Vittorio (the enigmatic piano man), Taviano, and Emmanuelle (the only girl). I adore Emme and hope that she get to have what her mother missed out on, a man who adores her and who she can be open about with being a shadow rider. I am just not sure of the motivations of that Valentino Saldi, he seems to be toying with her heart and being that their Italian families are lifelong nemesis, the Ferraro's and Saldi's are modern Montague's and Capulets. Younger brother Taviano has to walk a fine line with the broken Nicoletta, a mate he will have to go slow with and find their way forward. Their dragon of a mother, Eloisa, makes a brash and bold appearance, castigating her children and their mates. But understanding more of Eloisa's frustration and never knowing that her husband loved her, her outbursts are understandable if not welcomed. Francesca, Stephano's wife, is the calm, reassuring stabilizing force in this family; she was the spark of hope and continuity for this family.

Shadow Rider was such an enjoyable read. For me, reading fiction is about enjoyment and escapism' I love when the writer takes me on an exploration of new worlds with interesting stories, intriguing characters and most of all, the book needs to leave me feeling excited and wanting more. The Shadow series does that for me. I cannot wait for the next installment.

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