change your habits change your life

Review :

I just couldn't get enough of this book and it is one that I wish everybody would take the time to read and be inspired and uplifted by. From the very first page I had that excited feeling I get when I find a book that connects with my way of thinking and that continued throughout each chapter.

I really enjoyed the quotes at the beginning of each chapter, as they helped me focus when I read them at the start of my day or just before I went to sleep. Nothing like a dose of inspirational thinking to help one sleep well or begin the day in a positive frame of mind! The writing itself is easily digestible, fun and uplifting without being over the top. Every single chapter is full of great ideas for life improvements that we can each do. I found the exercises very helpful and it is a book I will refer to over and again in the coming years. I also particularly liked that the chapters can be read in any order and referred to at any time as standalone articles. This is a must read for anyone looking to find out more about appreciating life and overcoming their own fears and hurdles to have a better quality of life. It is a both a self-help book and interesting read for all.

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