change your brain change your body

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Dr. Daniel Amen's latest 'Change Your Brain, Change Your Body: Use Your Brain to Get and Keep the Body You Have Always Wanted' is less of the traditional folksy-health wisdom, as much as it is a consumer facing scientific study of exactly how the brain works to insure (or debilitate) the quest for better health. Though example after example, using neurological testing and imaging, Amen explains his basic premise 'when your brain works right, your body looks and feels better. When your brain is troubled, you have trouble with how you look and feel.' In his 372 page manifesto, Amen revels his formula for health improvement and 'brain-boosting' via everything from hormonal therapy, exercise, diet (brain food) and more - complete with action steps and tracking journals - to create positive effects in addressing conditions like chronic stress, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, brain trauma, lack of sleep, personal energy and much more. While Amen appears to have the solution for every disease, he at least offers a comprehensive plan for combating most major preventable diseases with a wide variety of methods that may have the effect of eliminating or at least inhibiting the onset of such maladies. Beyond this book, Amen has a long series of books ('Magnificent Mind at Any Age,' 'Change Your Brain, Change Your Life') that cover similar and related subjects. He also runs four regional clinics as well as a website ( that features more advice plus a series of 3-D brain spect images revealing the effects of his treatments.

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