Celeste Ng - Little Fires Everywhere

Review :

4.5 stars. I was hooked while listening to the audiobook and finished it in 2 days. The family dynamics, tension, and nuance is well done. The themes about parenting and motherhood - what is considered "good" parenting and who is a "good" mother - was such an interesting exploration, along with how white suburbia can be suffocating and push for conformity. But most of all, I loved the portrayal of well-intentioned yet ignorant white and upperclass people, and the gap between a privileged and white POV versus an immigrant in poverty. It's done in such a subtle way that's not in your face and gives readers enough room to explore and think through these issues for ourselves. The only reason why I hesitate to give this 5 stars is I don't think much was done with Mrs. Richardson's kids for readers to care about. I think the ending would have been more impactful if the kids had been better developed and thus have a well-rounded cast of characters.

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