Review :

For thirty four years, Catherine, a German princess by birth, reigned supreme amount the Russian government. She was both mysterious and despotic. Her life was remarkable in all that she achieved by force of will.
This biography of Catherine The Great is most enthralling. It details her early life as well as her time in Russia. It is a fascinating read and is well written and pleasantly presented. A well written history, this became an instant favorite.
Catherine was tyrannical. She did not, however, bathe in the blood of virgins.
She was both loved and hated. She was praised by Voltaire and vilified mostly by foreigners. She maintained a parade of lovers. Her weak husband Peter ignored her, except to bully. She maintained correspondence with Voltaire, John Paul Jones, Frederick the Great and Marie Antoinette.
She was considered to be one of the one of the most impressive woman of her time.
I highly recommend this book for its detail and impressive presentation. The writing is interesting and informative. Impressive read!

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