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Name: Brandi Plumlee, LME 508
Ferguson Publishing Staff. (2009). Career Discovery Encyclopedia. Chicago, IL: Facts on File, Incorporated
Cost: $235.00 (Barnes and Noble)
Dewey/Call Number: HF5381.2 .C37 2009 (Library of Congress)

Reading Level: 13-14 years

Category: Secondary Level/Non-fiction Reference-Encyclopedia

Review Citation:
Hudak, T. (2010). Book Reviews [Review of the book Career Discovery Encyclopedia by Ferguson Publishing Company]. School Library Journal, 56(2): 67. Retrieved on June 16, 2010 from Academic Search Premier.

Description: These book cover over 700 jobs. It contains various articles on careers, and what kinds of trainings and experience needed for certain jobs.

Relevance and Relationship: With practical living/career studies program reviews in place these books are a great resources to have to help the students learn important career skills. These books will help students plan for the future.

Purpose: The purpose of this set of books is to help prepare students for a career path. The book has over 700 jobs. The book can help the students prepare for the career they have chosen by telling how to prepare for that path. It will also help teachers meet the demonstrators required for the career studies section of practical living program reviews. These books will also help students prepare for college and career readiness skills.

Validity: I had not heard of the Ferguson Publishing Company until I seen this set of books. The articles on the inside may be published by various different authors/companies. While I was looking up some information, I noticed that they publish several books about different types of careers.

Format: Print Reference- Encyclopedia

Arrangement and Presentation: Careers are listed in ABC order in an 8 volume set of books. Font is in various colors and the books contain photos to go alongside some of the text. All together the books contain 1728 pages.

Diversity: The book will cover a lot of different types of jobs that will call for a variety of different skills that all students may not share. This offers a set of careers for people that have different experiences, specialties, and abilities.

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