Career Courage Discover Your

Review :

This book has left me a more confident, positive, and self-aware human being. I am currently between careers and picked this up looking for a few pro-tips. I felt engaged by almost every chapter and I'd recommend those to anyone reading it to follow through with the exercises.

One thing I'll knock Kelley for is an unintended emphasis on case studies involving upper and middle class workers who move from high paying careers to lower paying or volunteer positions that align with their personal passions. Fortunately though, this book isn't about finding yourself or following your dreams. It's about deeply reflecting on your actions, beliefs, and thoughts involving work which is something everyone can greatly benefit from.

The cover, with its eye-catching Olympic pictogram characters, is a little misleading in that much of the text is devoted to deeply understanding and relating to the people you work with. I'd adjust it slightly by having the main figure politely part ways with the others and wish them all the best. Smiles all around of course.

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