Can You Crack the Code

Review :

"Can You Crack the Code" is a children's nonfiction book about how codes have been created and cracked throughout history. The author talked about early ways people used to keep a message hidden and then delved into codes. She talked about ciphers, encryption, and decryption at a level that was easy to understand. She talked about the development of different encryption strategies intended to make it more difficult to break ciphers. There was also trivia about specific ciphers used in the past, especially unsolved cipher messages. She explained older, simpler methods (which the reader can use to create their own coded messages or to decode the messages she puts in the book) as well as modern, complex methods used in cybersecurity. This book is interesting enough for an adult to enjoy while simple enough that child can understand. Overall, I'd recommend this interesting book.

I received an e-book review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.

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