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I am finding this book to be very helpful, in using the tool of "Mindfulness" to bring about mental healing. As the "Forward" part of the book says: "This book presents methods that can serve as a remarkable path to freedom from the imprisonment from chronic anxiety and panic, at whatever level they may manifest themselves in your life."

"Practicing mindfulness means learning to relax and stay present with nonjudging and friendly awareness. Mindfulness is cultivated by paying attention -- on purpose and carefully -- to the contents of this moment."

"As you increasingly come to these experiences as conditions in this present moment instead of as your enemy or your "problem," they will no longer dominate your life. You will make more effective responses to them."

Your experience of fear, anxiety, or panic is transformed when you make it the direct object mindfulness".

Meditation practices, aim at helping you to be "present" for the moments of your life, regardless of what is happening in and around you during those moments."


QUOTE: " Because mindfulness practice increases your awareness of and sensitivity to everything --- including pain and fear --- you should be aware that you may actually feel worse in the beginning. However, this is only a stage in the process of healing and transformation. As your meditation practice strengthens, the will learn to relax and stay present even when anxiety, fear, and panic move through the present moment. This is not an act of willpower, but a capacity that you develop through meditation."

"One of the fruits of mindfulness practice is the discovery, over time, of the core of steadiness and harmony at your center. This core is dependable, unwavering, and a source of inner peace. Staying at this core, relating to experience --- even painful experience --- from this place, you have an increased capacity to remain present."


Last chapter - COME HERE FEAR


I take myself back, fear.
You are not my shadow any longer.
I won't hold you in my hands.
You can't live in my eyes, my ears, my voice
my belly, or in my heart my heart
My heart my heart
But come here, fear
I am alive and you are so afraid
of dying.

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