Buttercream Flowers for All Seasons A Year of Floral Cake Decorating Projects from the World's Leading Buttercream Artists

Review :

This beautifully laid out book showcases the best of cake decorating with natural and real looking flowers ranging across a spectrum from fake sugar made Rose's to Dahlia's and even little leaf detailing and more.

Filled with tips on how to get the perfect shape flowers with step by step sentences accompanied by beautiful photographs of the author's work on their cake's which are marvelous creations.

The book is also filled with tips on how to get the perfect colour of icing and the best essential tools to try your hand at cake decorating too as well as a guide to baking and icing your cake too of course!

The girls truly captured their artistry within this book and is a kitchen essential for any keen baker or crafter in my opinion.

Many thanks to the publishers for allowing me to review this book for them!

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