Brave Girl, Quiet Girl A Novel - Catherine Ryan Hyde

Review :

This is a really lovely novel about the complex relationships between mothers and daughters, and learning to look beyond your prejudices to see the good in people.

Homeless teenager Molly is living in a crate on the streets of LA after being thrown out of home by her religious family in Utah. Her world collides with that of single mother Brooke when she finds Brooke's two year old daughter Etta dumped on the street after Brooke's car was stolen with Etta inside. Brooke is recently divorced and back living with her negative, overly critical mother while she tries to get her life back on track and is totally distraught at the possibility that she may never see Etta alive again. When she first meets Molly all she sees is the dirty, disheveled street kid, not the brave and kind hearted girl underneath.

Catherine Ryan Hyde is especially talented at creating realistic characters complete with very human flaws and foibles and also in making us think about how we would react in the same circumstances. Neither Brooke nor Molly's mothers are very nice people, both prejudiced and judgmental about things they don't try to understand. Fortunately Brooke is more compassionate, although she has trouble believing Molly's story of how she became homeless and it takes a while for both Brooke and Molly to trust one another. This was a very engaging read with a hearwarming ending - highly recommended.

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