brain rules for baby

Review :

First, in full disclosure my kids helped out in the viral video for this book. You can check it out here:

That being said, I'm not getting anything besides a free book that I picked up on the set for writing this review. This is a well written, reader friendly parenting book that ever parent should own.

This is a book that I will be keeping and referring back to often. The author gives tons of practical tips throughout and then sums everything up at the end of each chapter and at the end of the book for easy future reference, thank you!

I met the author on the set for the filming and what a lucky chance meeting that was for me. The author talked to me about one of the main concept discussed in the book, meeting your child with empathy. I talked to my sister about this and we really started making a conscious effort to be more empathetic with our kids. What happened was really beautiful. My sister had a situation come up where her son was heartbroken about being left out of a sleepover. Instead of saying too bad you'll be okay, she said, "I'm so sorry you are feeling sad," and then she went on to tell him about a similar story that happened to her when she was little. It was music to my ears. I tried it a couple of times with examples the author used like when kids whine for a glass of water tell them I wish I could give you a huge glass right now. I was skeptical, but when my daughter fell apart after a bracelet broke I responded by saying, "I'm so sorry your bracelet broke, if I could right now I would get you a new bracelet." Immediately she stopped crying and smiled. I was shocked. I followed up by saying, "No, I'd get you 5, no 10 bracelets," then laughter. I never had to get her a new bracelet, that was not the point. She just wanted to be heard and understood. This truly feels like the right thing to do. Even if you just read these chapters it will give you such a wonderful guide. So many times as a parent it is difficult for me to figure out what to do. This felt as close to how God would want me to parent that I can only hope that I can continue to keep it up. Even better this is all backed by scientific research.

Another chapter included a lot about how a happy marriage creates a happy baby. This seems so obvious, but it was interesting to read all the research that backed this one up. A big thanks to my Mom and Dad for loving each other so much during those formative years!

Other topics that I really enjoyed were: praising effort, not achievement, talking a lot with your kids about their emotions, more on the Tools of the Mind preschool, and the chapters on raising a moral child were amazing. It seems like the topic of raising moral kids doesn't get as much attention as it should.

If you have read, Nurture Shock you will notice a couple of similarities with this book including the praise chapter, and the Tools of the Mind sections. This book for me was so much more helpful on a practical level, and again is all backed by science.

Since I am right in the middle of breast-feeding baby #4 the section on nursing was just the boost I needed. One of my favorite quotes, "If America knew what breast milk can do for the brains of its youngest citizens, lactating mothers across the nation would be enshrined, not embarrassed." Another big thank you!

I could go on and on, but this review is already to long! Go grab this book, you won't be disappointed.

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