brain rules

Review :

This book was better than what reviewers and critics were saying about it.Daniel makes it completely clear that to survive in the conceptual age, we need to harness the power of our right brained cognitive abilities. In concordance, left brained cognitive abilities have simply grown obsolete, completely vulnerable to the affects/threats of the conceptual age, because their working function can now be either be automated, shipped off to foreign grounds (due to globalization), or be terminated because of affluence and abundance. Left brained dominant people would just have to simply go through more obstacles to survive and thrive in the conceptual age. Daniel had showed that it would be right-brained people who would have a better chance of overcoming the obstacles the conceptual age has to offer, having advantages over growing-obsolete left-brained dominant people. Daniel had made it clear that right-brained people would rule the future, but dominantly in the middle class workforce. He proves that right-brained people are now more profitable to companies because of their creative and simultaneous qualities. ALTHOUGH he shows that it is the WHOLE MINDED people that would triumph above all in any aspect of the conceptual age. He points out that the high touch, high concept aptitudes are what you need to harness the right-brained cognitive abilities as well as strengthen the relationship between the left and right brains, for it is through these aptitudes that the left-brain misinterprets and the right-brain comes to rescue and saves the day. A whole new mind- why right-brainers will rule the future is a MUST READ. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE who wants to survive in the business world and for any field in the conceptual age for that matter.

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