Bouncing back rewiring your brain

Review :

I picked up this book earlier this year for a business class on change management, and found it so enjoyable that I signed up for a weekend workshop lead by the author. I'm very glad that I did -- she's calm, patient and compassionate and it was well worth the time spent. In the book, she quotes someone who says that we seek out like minded people for making these kinds of changes -- such as through workshops. It was a group of about 20 people and the author lead us through a handful of the 120+ exercises that are in the book.

The key takeaways from this book for me include:
- the 5 Cs of resilience - calm, clarity, connection competence, courage
- learn to identify patterns in your thoughts, weed out non-productive thoughts
- you can rewire your brain through conscious effort

She talks a lot about meditation and developing awareness of not just one's self but of awareness generally. There's a lot to be said for positive psychology and developing practices that allow one to continually fine tune mental processes to greater self-love, resilience and compassion.

This is not just a book to read once and be done but to keep on hand so that it may be picked up and reviewed, maybe this would offer an opportunity to try a new exercise or practice.

At the end of the workshop, we were all instructed to choose three exercises and think about what obstacles we might face in practicing them, and how we could overcome those obstacles. I recommend reading this book and doing the same!

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