Blue Ocean Strategy[1]

Review :

Keywords: blue ocean - red ocean - value innovation

How to win the competition You can challenge your opponents on a head-to-head competition. Suppose that your target is to book 200 contracts each month. In order to fulfil the target you can compete on pricing. It means that you should give bigger discount than your opponents.

But head-to-head competition has its own limitation. There is another way to compete. A smarter way. Chan Kim and Mauborgne propose another solution: don't compete with your competition, why don't you make them irrelevant!

The book idea is to give your customers better services without any head-to head competition. It gives you a framework helps you to re-design your products/services. It helps you find your niches.

The book is quite easy to read and has an excellent and brilliant idea. It's a must for anyone responsible in decision making.

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