Bit by Bit How P2P Is Freeing the World

Review :

I'm in apparent disagreement with many of the other reviewers because, in my opinion, many of them didn't understand the book. They were interested in a book on Bitcoin, but got a book on the liberating allure of peer to peer economic exchange.

Here's some advice to the bitter children giving this book a bad rating: Go read Satoshi's White Paper, and stop your bellyaching.

Tucker, despite is current SJW attitude really wrote an excellent book here on the revolutionary implications of P2P. My favorite part by far was the seemingly never ending litany of P2P "applications" and software that has been leading, and will continue to lead to the dissolution of the State whilst increasing individual liberty and independence.

It's an excellent piece that deserves more exposure and more credit than what some of these petulant whiners give it.

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