Bethany-Kris - Fractured Ties Boykov Bratva

Review :

I love mafia romance, crime romance, well pretty much everything regarding this world and I can't be more happy with this story.

I love Kolya, he's not good as he always says, his darkness is like a neon warning to run the opposite side, and that's what Maya should have done, but maybe because she has seen the evil very close she decides to follow Kolya, after all it seems that he still has a piece of soul who hasn't been corrupted, she sees it in the way he treats his dog, that has to mean something, right

Maya knows the rejection, the pain and the humiliation from no other then she's own father, she could never go unnoticed even if it was what she wanted most. So when Kolya takes her with him she doesn't try to escape, together with him and Sumerki they will face the evil, intrigue and fight together against those who are willing to destroy and reap they apart.
It is horrible to see how your own father is capable of causing so much suffering to his children even when they are old.

I have also liked Konstantine and am looking forward to reading his story in a book just for him.

There's so much I liked to say about this book but I feel that in my excitement the spoilers coming while I typing are going to be huge!!! I can only recommend to read it, you won't regretted, I'm definitely not!!!

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I received an ARC in exchange of honest review. Thank you so much.

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