Bethany-Kris - Filthy Marcellos 0.5 - Antony

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Family first, Antony. God second.

If you haven't the other 3 books in this series I would recommend you read them in published date order because I honestly think I enjoyed this book way more than I would have had I just read this series in numerical order.

So after reading about all three of the Marcello Brothers, I was really intrigued when I found out about their father's book. He's basically the original Filthy Marcello, the man who started it all. It all makes sense now, how the Marcellos got their reputations and how it then followed Antony's sons.

Being the son of a made man would have guaranteed Antony a position in the Family had his father not fallen apart after the death of Antony's mother and drank himself into an early grave. But this doesn't discourage Antony in any way, he just has to work that much harder to prove himself worthy. Althoug Antony comes from old money and has deep ties within the mafia, he never got any shortcuts to lead him to the man he became. I really enjoyed reading about Antony rise to power, from being just a skip and finally being the Boss took some real guts.

"What are you prepared to give for La Cosa Nostra Asked another person.
"My life."
"Your children"
"My sons," Antony responded.
"Your daughters, too"
Tension crawled over Antony's shoulder at the question. He forced the word out, anyway. "Yes."
"If your wife called from the labor room and your boss called from his home, who would you answer"
"My boss."

Antony and Cecelia do not meet under the best of circumstances, and at first I thought Antony would have to grovel. But Cecelia new she wanted him, and that just made it that much easier for Antony to win her love. The courtship, there's just no other word for it, because before they got married if they needed to see each other there was always a chaperon. Cecelia's father Vinnie, the Boss ruled his girls with an iron fist.

God he loved this woman.
So he thanked God for making her. The wasn't another one like her.

Although this is a romance, there was a lot more detail when it came to the inner workings of the mafia. I think this was the first Mafia romance I've read when the MC is inducted or L'omerta> into the Family, and the actual nomination process.

"This is for life."
It was.
"So I'm going to build it better, make it bigger and stronger. Cosa Nostra is our thing-it's ours, Paulie. My boys won't do this like we did. I'll make goddamn sure of it. Proper princepes, it's what they deserve. I will not put my boys into la famiglia, not one like this.
They will have control.
They will make the calls.
Only them."

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