Bethany-Kris - Cross + Catherine 3.5 - Cross + Catherine The Companion

Review :

This book was everything I needed it to be and more. The amount of times I smiled and teared up while reading it.... Omg. The in-depth scenes of past events made me love the characters even more, seeing different sides of the stories and seeing how they felt at that time.
Seeing the couple in the present and how in love they still are, how they still adore and cherish each other was wonderful. Plus you get to see them as parents, how they parent, and handle business and family.
But omg the scenes of the future... They had my heart jumping out of my chest with happiness. Seeing Cross and Catherine go through and understand some of what their parents went through and seeing their kids find loves of their own was amazing.
I needed this book so badly and I'm so glad the author gave it to me.

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