Bethany-Kris - Cross + Catherine 1 - Always

Review :

Title: Always (Cross + Catherine #1)
Author: Bethany- Kris
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Publishing Date: October 2017

Always had me in a vicious cycle of raw emotions. Saying this book was intense is an understatement. I didn't want this book to end at all.... I was a blubbering mess by the end and was actually screaming my frustration and heartache, It didn't help that the second part Revere ( Cross + Catherine #2) isn't out yet.

Always is a coming of age book, The storyline spans from the ages of 13 -15 (Catherine- Cross) to 18-20 (Catherine- Cross) years old.
Cross Nazio Donati is the son of Calisto and Emma Donati and Catherine Marcello, the daughter of Chicago mafia royalty Dante & Catrina Marcello. Knowing their parents story aka Filthy Marcellos series and Donati bloodlines series ( A must read!), I knew this book was going to be epic and Bethany- Kris didn't disappoint.

Catherine and Cross, My God... What can I say that will justify their love for each other. They were each others soul, One didn't feel complete without the other... Their love was more than what started out as a summer romance, more than a high school romance. This was a story of growing up together and being in love, in a forbidden world that is the mafia. No one will understand the anxiety inducing, heart pounding love that is shared by these two. This book was an addiction for me. Sleep was over-rated. I read until the streaks of sunlight peaked through my curtains. I cried until I felt like I had left behind a piece of my soul . I fell in love with Cross for his undying love and devotion towards Catherine. I felt the pain and turmoil Catherine went through. Most of all, I understood and loved their unfaltering, Unadulterated love for each other through duty, Love and Responsibilty.

Always is a heart-rending, beautiful story of unconditional love.
A Must Must Must Read!

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