Believe IT - Jamie Kern Lima

Review :

Years ago, I knew Jamie Kern Lima had something special about her. I loved her IT Cosmetics line - not only because the products actually worked to improve my skin and looked awesome - but I loved the belief she incorporated to her brand statement "that every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel her most beautiful." It aligned with so many of my own personal and business core values of loving myself and to encourage others to love their authentic selves as well.
When I open a book, I want to jump in and experience all that it offers. Get a box of Kleenex because you will need it-it's like you get a dose of compassion and love the entire way! (when you get to page 2 you'll understand!) I had the honor of previewing the book before launch and I could NOT put it down. It was that good! An inspiring, powerful read from start to finish about a woman's journey to change the world by just believing in herself. The book is filled with moments of revelation, perseverance, and grace. And laughter. Jamie tells the story so beautifully - it's like you are her BFF and have known her for years. True connection! If you are someone who has gone through your life with ups and downs, and you need help getting redirected in your life's purpose - this book will carry your confidence to new heights. Buy the book, read it, take notes, highlight the awesome profound quotes and takeaways that you can apply in your life immediately. Then add this book to your "EMPOWERMENT" bookshelf (if you don't have one - now you do!) and when you are feeling like you are losing ground, come back and re-read this most amazing book, and remember to not give up on yourself and to let your light shine and always believe in yourself. If you have a best friend or know someone who could use a dose of awesome - you need to gift them this book! Thank you, Jamie, for sharing your story with the world. I loved it.

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