Being Aware of Being Aware

Review :

"Awareness is aware of awareness."

Some books arrive in one's life through very special paths. This book was one of those.

One day my hand waved on its own at a stranger in the library. The stranger turned out to be a familiar face from years back, and some days later he gave me this book to read, because "he had a feeling I should read it."

The visual appearance of the book is beautiful. Amazing simplicity of appearance; simple, pleasant feeling material of the cover with harmonious color. A small book with beautiful fonts, very lightweight, oozing momentous atmosphere. The looks of the book send a message that these words are going to count. And they did.

This book is a powerful technology. Spira's advice is to carry on meditating to let the words chosen for the book to properly sink it. The essence is simple: becoming aware of being aware. Unraveling a space within where a certain state of meta-awareness is present, allowing pure illuminating awareness come into being. The words and conclusions are circular and complex, yet in the most simple format. For this book is trying to do one thing, to promote this state of awareness as the fundamental resting state of the mind.

Whilst reading and meditating on the book I noticed a particular effect, which was my mind's natural ability to bring itself to this state of pure awareness. It is the simultaneous state of complete non-attachment, and pure presence. Relaxed focus, and unlimited attention.

"A mind that is accustomed to repeatedly dissolving in its source or essence becomes progressively saturated with its inherent peace. When such a mind rises again from the ocean of awareness, its activity makes that peace available to humanity."

Also, one of the most interesting ideas that came from this book was the idea of the original sin being the ignorance of the essential element of experience - the awareness of consciousness itself, this in religious terminology would mean that turning away from God was an act of the mind.

"In other words, we have forgotten who we are and what we essentially are and have mistaken ourselves instead for a collection of thoughts, images, memories, feelings, sensations, and perceptions."

This perspective, which derives from Advaita Vedanta tradition, opens an outlook that can be vital for the peaceful being of many humans on this earth. An amazing little book! Would like to purchase a number of copies and leave them on bus stops for people to find.

And the ultimate favorite from the romantic Rumi, who captured something wonderful about a profound human connection here...

"In the existence of your live, I become non-existent. The non-existence linked to you is better than anything I ever found in existence."

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