Behave The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

Review :

Sapolsky is my lord. He's an Olympian god on high. He's a titan. This book is retarded. It's almost impossible to read. It's like 10,000 pages long. But it's next to impossible not to adore.

It's basically a textbook for his ridiculously, cosmically good Stanford undergraduate course on the biology of behavior (HUMBIO 160 -Stanford)

You're not fully sentient until you have watched all 20+ hours of his lectures from the course (at least once) which are freely available on YouTube. Or listened to them in condensed form in his absolutely spellbinding audio programs available by Great Courses.

The message is more glorious than any gospel or sage vision. Its biology man. It's a real live magical miracle.

We are meat bags of salt water, lipids, proteins and chemicals, that emerged from endoplasmic sewage, and are now capable of having an experience.


That alone is frickin amazing beyond words, but that's only the beginning.

Sapolsky is a puckish rascal genius.

Sapolsky is an intellectual nonpareil.

This is a horrible AF review of the important work of a fuckin' intellectual demigod.


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