Before Salem Witch Hunting in the Connecticut River Valley, 1647-1663

Review :

The Krassneresque title is catchy. Richard S. Roth lll's expertise on the topic is shared in an accessibly clear and flowing writing style. He is like the best professors you had in college. Engaging, interesting, funny and a master of his material- at times beguiling even, so it was puzzling why he deemed it necessary to tell the reader several times throughout the telling that the 'hunters' (perps) were in the wrong. Like Europe before them and Salem after, the accounts and facts in the C.R.V. injustices are conclusive and never in doubt of who is guilty. The book was written before the tRump debacle began. Was Ross exhibiting prescience regarding the trumpish dumb-down Did he foresee the skewing of reality ahead Was he concernned with our weakening ablity to discern moral certitude in the midst of the 'bad trip' Hmm... Prove you're not a witch, Dick Ross.

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