B.B. Hamel - Pine Grove 1-4 - His Taste Box Set

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This is the 2nd book in this series from B.B. Hamel ,,,,,,
Celine Booth is a 22 year old is a young woman who has moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Pine Grove, Indiana,,,, she has only been in town for like a week,,,, she is now a bartender at a bar called "Hammy's" ,,,, she has been a good girl all her life, a virgin at that,,, until one night a lone stranger walked in and sat down at the bar and orders a whiskey,,,, they talk a bit back and forth and when closing time comes he asks her if she wants to go out and party after work,,,, she's not sure,,,,

Dawson Sparks is a 35 year old who has moved from New York where he was a big time dealer with his friend and partner, Marcus,,, but he had to leave there and now he's on the run and has been in Pine Grove for 6 months now,,,, he walks into "Hammy's" one night and sees this beautiful young lady named Celine,,,, he talks with her and at closing time asks her to go out with him,,,, she says yes,,,, tells her his name is Dawson Redner, an alias, but after that night he takes her on the run with him against his ex partner, who was listed as dead,,,,

This was another good book from B.B. Hamel with the small town series,,, these 2 characters have a good chemistry between them and this book has lots if action and adventure in it and lots of steam,,,,I can hardly wait for the next book,,,, I would so totally recommend this book to anyone,,,,, I have voluntarily gotten this ARC to voluntarily leave a review,,,,

His Taste,,,,,,

I loved the start of this series by B.B. Hamel,,,,

Eden Ricks has graduated high school, moved away and went to college, got a degree in English, and then had to move back to her hometown of Pine Grove, Indiana, and is now applying for a job cleaning ,,, her mom, Loretta or "Lorie" as she likes to beat called is sick and Eden needed to move home to take care of her,,,, so her degree in English isn't going to help her now,,,, as she needs something now as her mom needs her help,,, and now she is going somewhere she never dreamed of going,,,, to the "Hammett's End" and if the rumors are true, she's not sure if she will ever come back,,, the place is haunted, and there are spirits and entities wandering in the big mansion ,,,,

Case Hammett is the head of the Hammett Family as he is the eldest living male of the Hammett Family, even at his young age,,, he has a sister named Jessamine, who is none to happy about Case being the head of the family ,,, he has a Butler named Fox whom also is his driver,,,, he's been with the family for a very long time and continues to serve the family,,,, his mother is rumored to have disappeared when Jessamine was 2 days old and Case was 5 years old,,, his father is dead, and the gossip is his sister is a psycopath and Case is a killer following in the footsteps of his father,,, they own most of the town and nobody has a good word about them,,,,

Eden gets to the house and Fox shows her to the best looking man Eden has ever seen,,,, how can this man be the cold, sinister, ruthless man everyone talks about,,,, She gets the job and now she has to be here each day, with this man, this weird sister and the creapy butler,,,, but once these 2 get together there chemistry is HOT ,,,, but things are happening and Eden doesn't know who she can trust,,,,This is a great read I just couldn't put down,,, I had to finish it,,,, grab your copy today of this new small town series that B.B. Hamel is writing,,,,you won't be sorry,,,, I know I wasn't ,,,, I would so totally recommend this book to everyone,,,, I got this ARC voluntarily to do an honest review,,,,


Emma has just turned 20 like 2 weeks ago and now she is on the run,,,, away from her parents ,,,, away from the home she has always known ,,,, she was born in Pennsylvania and her parents were religious, but didn't belong to any official groups,,, she has hitched a ride into Pine Grove in the dead of night,,,, she walked around in the shadows of night and found the tiny store had it's back door opened for some reason and she was so very hungry ,,,, ,,, as she creeps in the darkened store she felt some kinda fluid she was sticking to,,, the next thing she knows she is in the middle of a very big problem,,,, someone is being killed and now the killer is going to take her until she fights back and then a police car arrives and the officer, who turns out to be the youngest Poluce Chuef in Pibe Grove, grabbed Emma and puts her in the back of his car and takes her to the back of the jail where nobody but the chief goes and leaves her there where nobody will be able to find her ,,, she is his secret,,,, and after he's been at the scene, the chief takes the girl to his personal house, out in the middle of nowhere and she is to be his secret and she will do EVERYTHING that he says,,, he takes her home and puts her into hus basement that has no way out,,,, no windows, but it has all the things needed for a small apartment,,, she has a tv and her own bathroom, bedroom, and a fridge and a pantry,,,,, and some freedom, even though she is his prisoner,,,, she can do anything, downstairs that she wants,,,, watch tv all night,,,, sleep all day,,,, and when he comes home, he cooks very good food for her and spends some time with her doing nothing,,,, but, she knows, at some time,,, he is going to want other favors,,,,, and she is still a virgin,,,,, but the more she thinks of it,,,, the more she is ok with it,,,,, she thinks,,,, what could possibly be so bad about this secret relationship ,,,,,,

His Touch,,,

Allie Martin is a 20 year old who lives with her drunken, abusive, lying, depressed father in Pine Grove,,,, Mom has died at least 10 years back and dad has gotten worse since then,,,, he is a drinking, gambling, very much in debt abusive father whom does not let his daughter outta his sight,,, she knows her father is in debt but has no clue how much or with whom,,,, Allie graduated high school but did not have the opportunity to go to college ,,,, the house she lives in has been in her father's family for generations or they would most likely be homeless,,,, she hears her father downstairs and was shaking downstairs and then saw this guy come into their house and have her father at gunpoint saying that dad owes Dean Fish LOTS of money and he pays him everything right now, or he dies,,, at which point her father, Joey, says that the hitman can have his daughter and call it even,,,, at which point, this hitman killed her dad,,,, right in front of her,,,, he sees her run upstairs and goes after her, as he didn't know there would be anybody else in the home, so he didn't have a facemask on,,,, this hitman, named Rowan gets Allie out of hiding and takes her with him, but to his suprise,,,, she goes with him willingly,,,,, happy to get away from it all,,,,, they go to his house tucked in the middle of nowhere outside Pine Grove ,,,, Rowan actually moved to Pine Grove from New York to get outta the killing business,,,, he wanted to open a restaurant but needed some money so he stupidly got it from Dean Fish,,,, but after 2 years he had to shut it down and now he's a hit man for Dean Fish to pay off his debt ,,,, but then one day, while Rowan was gone,,,, someone came into Rowan's house and scared Allie and was going to hurt her and Riwan, but Rowan sees the vehicle and sneaks into his house and gets the jump on the hitman ,,,, after killing him,,,, Rowan and Allie pack a bag and are off ,,, taking Allie to an out of town hotel trying to figure out what the are going to do,,,,,

I loved each and every one of these books in this great bundle,,,, the above reviews are just some things that happen in the stories, the main characters ,,,, there is so much more that this amazing author has in her stories,,,, they are all standalones but are pretty kewl read in order,,, totally up to you,,,, but your best bet,,,, is to have all of them right there ready to dive into the next story.,,, there are action, adventures and some hot, hot scenes,,,, I would so totally recommend this bundle to everyone ,,,,, !!! ,, I got this ARC voluntarily to do an honest review

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