Average Joe

Review :

When Bobbie asked me to please read and review her husband's new book--instead of waiting to receive a copy-I went and ordered it from Amazon! I was certainly interested in reading this book since like her husband I have the unusual educational combination of accounting and environmental science in my case-engineering in his!

I was able to read it in about an hour, but will go back and re-read portions! Unfortunately, I am too old to take this advice since I am already semi-retired! Yes, I agree, if you can, and you have a long enough time frame-creating passive income is the way to go. As is pointed out by the author you do have to be very careful.

I particularly liked his advice about financial advisers! When I first tried to invest I used the services of a bank--no comment. Now I do know about accounting and balance sheets etc so I said to myself-self-you can do this! Actually I did quite well but truly did not have the time required to keep up with when I should buy and sell. I then ended up with a financial adviser who was very good--but then the stock market crashed--oh well. Please make sure that if you do the financial adviser you pick not only invests in what he puts you into-but make sure he is in the same financial class as you! I could not really afford to lose that money--he could! Luckily I have always lived frugally!!

The only regret that I have is not following my dreams from when I was young and listening to others. Listen to your heart, set a plan (this book will give you ideas on how to do that)-and stick to it!

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