Are Numbers Real The Uncanny Relationships Between Maths and the Physical World-Robinson (2017)

Review :

I really enjoyed this survey of maths and physics and how modern maths have evolved into almost a physics religion. It gives a great analysis of Noether's theorem and a rather dismissive view of String Theory for the just reason that nothing is yet testable. I did like Seife's Zero book better when it came to a discussion of the Babylonian Zero even if Clegg gives better traceability on the true origin of the most dangerous number. I liked the even handed look at Newton and Leibniz and the discussion of Cantor Infinities. Overall, a fun read, even if having to read it while driving made it difficult. And audiobook would have been much better even if #CO2Fre mostly drives itself. I just wish GoodReads worked with Amazon's other product, Audible!!

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