Appetites Why Women Want

Review :

This book was very important to me. I'm extremely grateful I read this; it said a lot of things I needed to hear. Caroline Knapp, a former anorexic, delves into why women believe they need to deny themselves those things they desire, and why they shouldn't feel like they should. Women need to not only get in touch with their appetites, but what those appetites are, why they are there. Why do women feel the need to starve themselves Why do some steal, others shop, others cut, others purge She goes into all of this, where it might come from, and maybe how to fix it, even if it's just a little bit. This really helped me realize that I had an eating disorder; it also pointed me in the right direction before it became something too serious. I am grateful to Caroline Knapp and to my professor who required us to read it. I would recommend this to any woman who has felt the need to deny herself something because she didn't think she deserved it (be it food, sex, or other things), and to men who want to understand better how a woman's mind works and where some of our insecurities come from.

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