Review :

As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, I have been waiting for someone to write this book! Tompkins has done a masterful job of creating a workbook to help guide both therapists and their clients through the, often difficult, path toward living a more full and more meaningful life.

In my 30+ years of practice, I have found that the majority of my anxious clients are also major avoiders. Anxiety and Avoidance is user-friendly. It provides many useful exercises to help identify the anxiety-provoking triggers and the many "thinking traps" that keep us stuck going over the same terraine again and again.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is anxious, living with an anxious person, or who would just like to develop better skills to live in this anxiety-ridden world.

Thank you, Dr. Tompkins, for taking the time to enhance our understanding of the psychological connection between anxiety and avoidance, and to introduce a "single therapy for overcoming the roots of anxiety and fear" - a great contribution to our field!

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