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Mark Antony the Roman general , right- hand man of the great Caesar, a shadow to be sure of the most famous ruler of Rome and his unsurpassed conquests in the history of the Empire , yet he Antony , had ability just not enough to overcome his weaknesses. Excessive drinking and chasing beautiful women and ignoring his duty, a bit coarse in truth. The fatal meeting with Queen Cleopatra v11, Greek in blood little of it Egyptian in what is now modern Turkey, she dazzled him floating down a river, the Cydnus ( now called Berdan) on a large barge , all that sparkling opulence the purple sails, silver oars, golden canopy under which the queen lies, dressed like a Greek goddess, the perfumed vessel's delicious aroma spread by the gentle wind,
crossing the waters to its banks, crowds gather the music plays everyone hears, loves...awed and fascinated at the spectacular sight . Not a beauty no Elizabeth Taylor...what she lacked physically, the temptress made up by her intelligence speaking at least seven languages, today the monarch of the Nile would be called an intellectual. Cleopatra's main interest was preserving the independence of her beloved ancient Egypt, she gave it all. Nevertheless the queen who became his fifth wife her third husband, ( having married her two younger brothers previously) must of realized Mark was no Caesar, his adopted son, biologically grand- nephew Octavian soon to be called Augustus Caesar, was the closest to Julius in ability, if not a good military leader which men would trust and follow into deadly battle. But he choose well his generals and admirals, the massive sea battle of Actium off the coast of Greece, September 2, 31 B.C. over 500 ships and many thousands of crewmen fought and died proved it. The final struggle, the inevitable contest to be the supreme leader of the Roman world came and the winner ...well you can read the results in a history book or see a film. Shakespeare's poetry makes a tragedy come to life, the magic continues in the words, page after page the sentences wonderfully connect the emotions and fears grip the reader, we may know the outcome still the interest never evaporates, the facts are not important the enchantment is... Antony and Cleopatra were buried in the same tomb now lost and unknown near Alexandria, when the desert winds blew the shifted sands flowed into the air and came down again, covering all... the memory of man is short...

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