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Scientists believed that when comets hit the Earth around 65 million years ago, the comet dust that had left over on Earth had formed a layer blocking the sun's path, thus creating the Ice Age.

The story of the lost continent of Atlantis was based entirely on the story of one person: Plato. He described that the city of Atlantis was a paradise and it disappeared in one day.

This book also talks about the mystery of Maya civilization. The Mayans started out as tribal people with no clear ruler for them. Then, it reached its peak during the age called Classic Maya where they developed an understanding for calenders and mathmatics. Nobody really knew how the Mayans disappeared, this book assumed peasant revolt and food shortage, as natural disaster and diseases were not likely at that time.

Scientists today suggested that ancient wonders such as the Stonehenge were built with a geometry pattern and an understanding in solar and lunar calenders.

There was one story in the Bible that says Joshua led the Jews out into Palestine, where they fought against another group of people. According to the Bible, Joshua prayed to God and God had made the Sun and Moon stood still and destroyed the enemy. It was suggested by scholars that in the description of the story, God had sent down firestones, it could be interepted as comic meteroites, in turn, the fall of meterioties could affect the gravatational pull of the Earth, thus making the sun to stay longer.

Many knew about the story of the Amazons, whom the Spanish had claimed to see back during the colonization period, they even named the river in the Brazilian jungle Amazon river. However, the real location of the Amazons are around Greece and Russia and Russian archaeologists had found female warrior graves around those locations.

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