American Exodus Climate Change and the Coming Flight for Survival

Review :

Giles' thesis is that climate change is soon going to make life intolerable across much of the American south and southwest and very tough along the Eastern Seaboard and the coast of California. When that happens, people will be on the move in a big way and a lot of them will be trying to find refuge in the interior of the continent and in Canada.

So very interesting bits of information that I hadn't come across before:
> the fact that, although they don't make a bit splash in the media, heat waves kill more people than all the show disasters - tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricane, and earthquakes combined.
>the fact that a hurricane at least as big as Katrina hit Brazil a few years ago, at least fifty years before the weather pundits had predicted that climate change would push hurricanes in that direction.
>the fact that (I think it was in 2012) drought killed off 80% of the American corn and soy bean crops.
>the fact that the dregs left in the Ogallala aquifer contain near toxic levels of concentrated minerals.

All scary stuff, but I suspect that we aren't going to see the SUV crowd swapping their rides for Smart Cars...

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