Alone Lost Overboard in the Indian Ocean

Review :

This is my kind of thriller, forget murder mysteries, the power of the sea always takes my breath away and makes my heart pound! I felt like I was in the water with him the entire time, the shock, fear, heartbreak was palpable, to be honest, i wanted to skip 200 pages and get to the rescue, I just couldn't stand the suspense!

I listened and read the kindle simultaneously, I found technical errors in both. The audio skipped the preface, the part where he falls overboard which is rather crucial to the story... the kindles table of contents had zero chapters listed for the 300 plus pages, making it difficult to synch the combo, found it unusual that both deliveries were flawed...

I cried at the end, tears shot out like an arching fountain. the kindle said for additional photos go to this link, umm there were ZERO pics! I went to the link and saw the actual video of his rescue, I have to say his words didn't match the reality, he wrote like death was imminent, the video showed a strong confident man, all the more reason he survived, an incredible story that had me itching for him to be found in the first ten minutes!

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