Alone in the Universe Why Our Planet Is Unique (2011, Wiley)

Review :

John Gribbin is a great popular science writer and in this book he has made a great job.The book is the complement to the Rare Earth by Ward and Brownlee but the Gribbin book takes a more step an asks for technological inteligent life not only complex life, and makes more emphasis in the astronomical aspects at the light of last breakthougts as our very special position in the galaxy, by why our sun is not common,by why our solar sistema and planet earth are unlikely;the more unlikely is that our planet has a big moon that stabilices the tilt of the earth axis,favoures the plate techtonics ,the magnetic field and long time ago great tides that aided the pass of complex life from ocean to land.In resumen our inteligence is the product of many unlakely steps tha makes the product near to zero.By other hand the existence of inteligence not necesarily drives to technology,for example the dolphins can be te other inteligent specie in our planet but dont have hands,fire nor metal and by that no technology
The conclusiĆ³n of Gribbin is that we are alone in the entire Galaxy and perhaps in the entire observable universe

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