All Out of Pretty by Ingrid Palmer

Review :

Andrea's life shattered with the death of her grandmother. Now having to live with her drug addict of a mother, Ayla, and her drug dealer boyfriend, Andrea must fend for herself. With school as her only solace, Andrea hides the tragedies of her life from everybody and hurts those she really care about.

In this heartbreakingly tragic novel, Andrea must learn to let in people when she needs it the most.

Such an impactful novel. I loved it. It was a beautifully written novel with intense meaning behind every word.

Throughout reading this novel, I kept thinking what would I do in this situation. I also realized that my life is pretty good. I have parents who love me and take care of me. I have a nice, warm house. I am always fed 3 meals a day. Andrea's mother did not take care of her and probably does love her because there's evidence of love from her mother to her in the novel, but it is a different kind of love than what my parents have for me. Before living at Judd's, her mother's boyfriend's house, Andrea was not always guaranteed a house to sleep and often times slept in the car. Andrea was also not guaranteed 3 meals a day even while living at Judd's house. Some people's lives are like Andrea's: messy, and not because they want them to be, but because they have no choice on the circumstances of their lives. I want to help these people, but I don't know how.


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