Align Get Your Team on the Same Page, Discover Clients' Needs, Develop Better Products by Laura Marie Reese

Review :

Align presents practical, actionable advice that you can put into practice straight away. Former Silicon Valley Engineer, Laura Reese explains why the tips work, as well as what can go wrong when the team doesn't know all the techniques for aligning.

I especially liked the part where she shared her research on memory. I always think I can remember what I'm hearing in a meeting, and take sparse notes. But she's convinced me that my memory really can't be trusted!

Something that is so interesting and unique about Align is that to supplement the book she has these cool videos on her website:

I have never seen anything like it, and I'm guessing this will be the future of business and "how to" nonfiction.

If you're in business or corporate America and want a look inside the brain of a Silicon Valley engineer who worked her way to the top you have go to check out this book.

Impressed. Read it and use it to get to the top of your game.

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