alien world order

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Aliens in Vegas

What a great little story but it could happen and just the thought makes me laugh. Aliens Kal -Spark Vin - Flame Sev - Blaze have taken earths names or what they believe are earth names but in Vegas it works for now. Spark cons his brothers to take a vacation to earth to meet women but what they don't know is that he signed them up to find brides while they where passed out and now they are in Vegas and what a fun ride it is going to be. Carrie is in Vegas for her cousins bridal shower but doesn't want to be there so while the rest are busy she takes off and finds herself listening to a male describe what he wants to do with the female he is with Carrie almost bursts out laugh at him being so honest but when she gets a look at him her world turns up side down. In just one look they are drawn to each other and the chemistry is sizzling between them. Can they get together and what happens when she finds out the truth that he is an alien and so are his brothers.

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