Afraid of All the Things Tornadoes, Cancer, Adoption, and Other Stuff you Need the Gospel For

Review :

I was introduced to Scarlet Hiltibidal on Stephanie May Wilson's podcast Girls Night, and it was love at first listen. "Yes!" I rejoiced. "This girl is a Christian and she struggles with anxiety. She gets me!" Scarlet Hiltibidal is the Christian Brene Brown. "I'd describe myself as a geriatric baby Christian...Even when I lacked pinpointable phobias, I lived with an underlying anxiety that I was doing this whole life all wrong...Sometimes believing lies just feels better. We believe a lot of lies that pretend to protect our hearts from the things we fear...dishonest hopes can be found everywhere...lies did bring me comfort." The lie is, "I can't wait until I'm 82, so I can look back on my life and know with certainty what happens and how it all works out." The lie is when I am old, THEN I can rest. In life's twilight, I will be tranquil.

"The lie is that the more isolated and 'in control' we are, the more peace we'll feel...Isolation and 'control' might produce a quieter life. But peace isn't a quiet life; peace is a quiet soul." Only truth brings peace. And truth only comes when we hold the gospel up to our fears. Scarlet points not to a formula, but to a cross. She doesn't say "do," but "DONE." She doesn't say "you," she says "Jesus." She doesn't offer future peace, peace is present. IN the present! In HIS presence! We can KNOW Peace (in the uppercase AND lower) NOW! Peace puts fear in its place. He is the Friend of Fearers. She reminds me that my identity is not what I've accomplished today but what Christ accomplished on the cross. And that Scripture is "like a set of keys I'd left in the same spot I always do, and I knew they were there all along...He is a single huff from having my heart."

"Jesus died for you, but He didn't die for your fears...Fear can't speak because Jesus has already spoken...Jesus has a word for you: 'Fear not.'" "I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears" (Ps. 34:4). "Write this on your favorite child's face...God and His kingdom are forever. The bills and medications and the parking tickets and the obituaries and the lawsuits are temporary."

We are God's kids, so we can laugh with dirty faces! When we hold up the mirror of the gospel, we are free to smile, not matter what is before us, because God is constantly smiling at us already, because of what Jesus has done, already.Who promises peace when our minds are at war THANKS BE TO GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD! "As I listened to the war of words in my head, God granted me grace to help me hear the still, small voice over the loud, scared one." While the winds scream of the worries of the world, He is the eye in the storm assuring us we are loved.

Stop, drop, and pick up your copy of Afraid of All the Things at your local bookstore today!

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