Review :

This is one of those books, which when you read, takes you to a place that is peaceful and fills you up with wisdom and wonder. Just as the title says 'Above Life's Turmoil', we learn how life can be beautiful and happy even in the worst circumstances. This isn't a practical guide. Rather, this is a thought provoking book for novices in the field of spirituality, and an encouraging book for those who're already working towards making themselves a better person. A book full of positivity and life.

"With burning brain and heart of hate,
I sought my wronger, early, late,
And all the wretched night and day
My dream and thought was slay, and slay.
My better self rose uppermost,
The beast within my bosom lost
Itself in love; peace from afar
Shone o'er me radiant like a star.
I Slew my wronger with a deed,
A deed of love; I made him bleed
With kindness, and I filled for years
His soul with tenderness and tears."

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