Above and Beyond John F Kennedy and America 39 s Most Dangerous Cold War Spy Mission

Review :

Mid October, 1962: A True telling of the thirteen days the world teetered on the edge of atomic armageddon.
Behind the scenes in Washington DC, and the U2 cockpits, each of the thirteen days plays out more tense than the previous day.
Incredible account of the bravery of U2 pilots flying secret missions, and the story of two superpower, world leaders that literally saved the world from atomic destruction. Fortunately for all of us, Premiere Khrushchev, and President Kennedy had tasted the bitterness of WWll. They were both aware of the dark powers they both reigned over. All the US generals wanted to attack Cuba, Kennedy kept his dove cool.
I was twelve years old during this near two week period, and never really knew how close to the edge we came. I do remember TV and news accounts being tense, but also, very quickly resolved. This back story is amazing history, the writers tell the story, and you get a glimpse of the intensity of the moments highly charged situations. Amazing. A must read.

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