A Woman Alone

Review :

The new thriller by Nina Lauren will keep you on the edge of your seats and guessing till the very end.

From the book: "Well I'm happy to say you're exactly what we're looking for. A young, modern family. Modern values. Focused above all on self-fulfillment and deriving satisfaction from your life, experiences over possessions. This is exactly what SmartHomes are about. Experiences."

After being the victim of a home invasion where she killed the attacker, Cecilia and her husband Scott accept an offer to become test participants in a new home where the security is more than they could ask for. But this is no ordinary neighborhood. IntelTech has carefully vetted and preselected every person that inhabit the SmartHomes on their block. Each person has an identity chip that allows them to enter. Who wouldn't love living in a home that learned what kind of coffee you drink and prepared it at the exact time each day. Or how you like your toast. Where detecting your signature with a sensor laden handle, your shower knows what temperature and water pressure you prefer and adjusts for you.

But when the house begins to malfunction several months later Cecilia is annoyed and submits trouble reports. The coffee is wrong, the temperature of her bath burns her. Her daughters oatmeal burns her mouth. The music that is playing is not on her playlist. But when her AI calls her the wrong name, she begins to wonder who might have lived in the home before them and why would they leave

This is a book with a very satisfying ending and while reading this I couldn't help but think what a great movie this would make. If you liked Passengers by John Marrs you will love A Woman Alone.

Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for this advanced ebook. I will definitely be recommending this book for readers at my library.

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